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Toronto Reptile Expo – Sunday, February 2nd 2014

Toronto Reptile Expo

Downsview Park Toronto, ON
40 Carl Hall Road 
Toronto, ON 
M3K 2B6

Sunday, February 2nd 2014

Doors Open: 9am till 4pm
Admission: Adults $10.00 .:. Children 7 yrs of age to 14 yrs of age and Seniors $5.00

Park Map

Confirmed Vendors


A and A Dragons
Axolotl Canada
Ball Python Addiction
Big Als Aquarium Services
Boas 4 You
C & C Reptiles
Clint Hill
Coast to Coast Rodents
Dart Frog Inc.
DINO Reptiles
Epic Exotics
Exclusive Snakes
Global Exotic Pets
GNP Reptile Rescue
Hamilton Reptile
Hands on Exotics
Iconic Dragons
Kingdom Reptiles
Large Exotics
Little Res Q
London Reptiles
Mike Lopez
Mist King
Mole Hill Reptiles
Monarch Reptiles
Mutation Creation
Nagy Reptiles
Northern Gecko
Oddball Exotics
Omega Pythons
Party Safari
Peterboro Reptile
Port Credit Pets
Power House Caging
Repashy SuperFoods
Reptile Ledge
Reptiles R Us
Simply Reptiles
Superior Mutations
Tails and Scales
Tangled in Web
Tarantula Canada
The Green Oasis
The Serpent and the Lizard
Thierrys Rat Breeding Racks
Tropical Reptiles and Reefs
True North Gecko
Urban Reptile
Wilkins Rodents
Understory Enterprises

  • slackinyourcity

    Am I able to buy reptiles at the expo?

    • Warren

      Yes you can buy reptiles and everything reptile related

    • Daniel


    • animalboy

      lol that was a good/funny question

  • Oscaror

    Can you sell and buy amphibians at the expo?

    • Daniel

      yes, if you want to sell you have to be a vender.

  • Daniel

    is anyone selling captive bred red tegus?

    • Kayla

      The only captive tegu breeder around this area that I am aware of is Tegu Topia (they do breed reds). Contact them to see if they will be there! I have a black & white argentine from them and plan on getting a red down the line!

  • Kayla

    Is there a confirmed vendor list yet?

    • Daniel

      i think its uploaded already… the names of the vendors changed. not sure though

  • Al

    are there gonna be any blue tongue skink breeders

  • Liz

    is anyone going to sell proven breeder leopard gecko

  • Kevin

    Where do you get tickets? Or do you pay at the door?

    • Daniel

      you pay at the door.

  • RobertVDK

    You can get tickets at the door, or you can buy VIP tickets online. Link up top!

  • Eli

    Any confirmed blue tounge skink breeders?

    • Daniel

      tails and scales has some blue tongues.

    • Sylvain Beauchamp

      If interested I have one pink tongue left also, but Nelson at Tails & Scales will have the blue tongue.

  • Lacey Fitzpatrick

    will there be iguanas? if so how many do the vendors usually have? i dont want to drive all the way up there if i am not guaranteed an iguana

    • Lacey Fitzpatrick

      like is there going to be tons? or very few, first come first serve deal?

  • Liz

    leopard geckos??????? adult

    • Daniel

      port credit, and tails and scales and probably some other breeders have leopard geckos. chances are they’ll have adults.

  • Lacey Fitzpatrick


  • RobertVDK

    Lacey. You can contact if you want to see if you can reserve an Iguana. There are however many other vendors also. E-mail some of the vendors on the list. Good luck!

    • Lacey Fitzpatrick

      portcreditpets,says they wont have iguanas. they say not very many people sell them nowadays. hmmm how do i get ahold of the other vendors?

      • RobertVDK

        The list is at the top of this page. I would just google them, and contact them that way! Good luck!

        • Kevin Shanks

          lacey, the serpent and lizard have one red iguana, contact sylvain if interested, he will probably reserve it for you

  • Sylvain Beauchamp

    good day Lacey, Sylvain from Serpent & Lizard I have one red iguana left for sell. It will be at our booth.

    • Lacey Fitzpatrick

      is there any way to reserve it? if not and someone else ends up getting it first. Are you guys able to order iguanas after the expo for people?

    • Lacey Fitzpatrick

      i am going to try and be there first thing in the morning. hopefully around 9. i will for sure be there! have been planning this trip for a month

      • Sylvain Beauchamp

        I will keep it aside till 11 AM Lacey. Tried to leave you the message on facebook but guess it did not work!

        • Lacey Fitzpatrick

          okaaay, this is greatly appreciated!. I will be seeing you Early sunday morning. Thankyou so so much!

        • Lacey Fitzpatrick

          also how much? and is it male or female?

  • Brandon

    Any vendors selling female sugar ball pythons at the expo?

  • Bailey

    could i bring in one of beautiful male blizzard Leo

    • Animalboy

      No they don’t let u bring animals unless u are a vendor

  • cris

    will they have tortises

    • Sylvain Beauchamp

      Hey there Chris,
      yes there will be. Stop by The Serpent & the Lizard. we will have rusian; marginated; cherry head; red foot AND Leopard AND blonde Leopard!
      See you Sunday

  • Alperen Yalcin

    how much would a whole corn ersnake setup and a normal baby corn snake cost all together

  • michael

    Could I trade in my pet super salmon boa in the expo? Thanks

    • RobertVDK

      Unless you are a vendor, you cannot bring animals to the show. You can make a deal at the show, so bring pictures/video with you.

  • KT

    Hey all, seeking a male Leachianus GT: any tips?

  • animalboy

    Anyone know what vendor would be selling hognose?

  • Dylan Solomon

    can we bring snacks there

  • Nick

    Will there be any tiger salamanders?

  • benjamin

    I am looking for Giant Sungazer Lizard, anyone know where I can find it?

  • mike

    looking for carpet chameleons will I have luck

  • Name

    Any vendors selling Tegus?

  • Aiden T

    I hope they have a super red bearded dragon female

  • Ennis Berker

    Sorry I missed the event. Is anybody selling hellbenders?

  • Turgo

    Will they sell turtles

  • Dave McElroy

    Anyone looking for a full grown red foot tortoise??? Think it’s female but not sure.

  • Dave McElroy

    Also have two male 2014 bumblebee balls for sale.

  • Guest

    Will there be Hermit Crabs? More specifically ‘Ecuadorian Hermit Crabs’? They are next to impossible to find now.

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