Gatineau QC Reptile Expos

We are pleased to add Gatineau to the amazing cities that we host shows in!

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    New Products
    Our expos routinely introduce new and exciting products to the herp hobby!
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    Celebrity Guests
    Guests like Brian Barczyk, Tom Crutchfield, Shawn Hefflick and Allen Repashy have all been in attendance!
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    Exciting Reptiles
    In addition to the staples we all love, there's always new and exciting animals introduced to the hobby.

Vendors for the next show include.....

Northern Herp Supply
Tangled In Webs
My Canadian Herps
Chocolate Moonshine
Critter Krazed
Bitten By The Apple
Bite Stuff
Integrated Exotics
Reptile Express
Tails and Scales Boutique
Axolotl Canada
Gecko Hill
Tarantula Canada
The Green Oasis
Hands On Exotics
Monarch Reptiles & Exotique Jewelery
Rare Exotic Pets
Zoo Med
Little Res Q
TF Reptiles & Cage
Morph Endorphins
Prehistoric Pet Evolution
Dino Reptiles
Northern Gecko/Repashy SuperFods
Gecko Canada
Star Aquarium
Major League Chewies
Vivarium Reptiles & Exotics
Recorp Inc
A & A Dragons
Operation Python

Ontario Iguanas
Port Credit Pets
T.Dot Exotics
Party Safari
Reptiles R Us / Pangea Reptile Foods
Understory Enterprises Inc.